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2006 and 2008. . . . . . >> obama in nebraska they have electoral seats spaces divided up in the states and that's one the president wanted again. again we have a perfect candidate. >> one representative there. >> yes. >> chairman van hollen i want to move to a different part of the country. this past week there was a special election up on the north country of new york and won that election for the new congressman, bill owen. can you take us mind the scenes and explain to viewers how the approachxdรง is? the political story noted the last six times the house seat changed hands the democrats have one. you seem to have a secret sauce in this though it's serve self in the district. votes don't often know voters are knowing what's going on. what's behind the scene? >> the special elections operations and we have a good record. each special elections and that's great example. first thing is a good candidate and bill owen fit that district well. military background very involved in economic development there but got a good candidate but have to make sure they get the messa
deeply with the courageous proposal made by u.s. president obama for a world free from nuclear weapons and i strongly support this call. but nuclear abolition is not the goal for which the united states should be asked to bear full responsibility. rather it is necessary for all countries to recognize their responsibility and take action. as the only country to have experienced the use of nuclear weapons in war, japan has called for nuclear abolition and has maintained three anti-nuclear principles. no country can be more convincing for a world without nuclear weapons than japan. i am resolutely determined that japan will fulfill its role as a global bridge to contribute to nuclear disarmament and non- proliferation so that we can take an important step toward leaving the children of the future of world free from nuclear weapons. [applause] japan is a maritime country position in the asia-specific region. sent agent times, japan's rich culture was often to exchanges and trade with different cultures. we must never allow the seas surrounding japan to again become the site of battle. we m
will have to use that criticism and they met at barack obama. host: we have a tabt policy. "she lacks substance and have to pander to red state values for higher q ratings. -- ratings." this gets back to your issue of the direct to the voter ways of communicating. what is she saying, policy-wise? guest: basically it is the conservative message, at this point. health care with more regulations would add to the cost of business, having unforeseen consequences, not all of which would be good. she is saying that cap and trade with actively raise energy prices and that if you are going to be responsible things, why not start drilling offshore? she is going after the obama budget, saying that it spends too much money and that they need to be careful. more or less a republican critique of the obama policy. i would say that the twitter commentator makes a good point. she has been judged by the court of public opinion for now. the thing is, opinions of public leaders change over time. hillary clinton is one of the most polarizing figures in american politics, and she came very close to winning
across the country. if we unite, we win. ladies and gentlemen, obama care will slash medicare, hurting our senior citizens and our disabled persons. obama care has no reform in the area of tort reform. when it comes to abortion, obama care in the new a programs created by public fund abortions, leading to massive increases in the killing of unborn children and the wounding of their mothers. please fight hard and sustain this effort. thank you. >> is this kind of fortitude and diligence that will allow us to kill this bill. next up, the gentleman from ohio. >> thank you very much for being here. when i go home every weekend, i talk to my constituents. a lot of them say, what can i do? i am only one person. when i look across here today, i see what one person can do and what many people can do. they say you are only preaching to the choir, but remember, it is the choir that saves the congregation. are you going to get out there and get to work to make sure that this bill does not pass to save america? what are going to do? we are counting on you. there are only so many of us here that ca
and destruction of freedom. my colleagues should say know to the pelosi-obama freedom-killing, job-killing h.r. 3962. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman yields. the gentleman from minnesota reserves. the gentleman from new jersey. mr. andrews: when people are about to deprived, the leader of the progressive caucus will be our next speaker, the gentlelady from california, ms. woolsey is recognized for two minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized for two minutes. ms. woolsey: thank you to congressman rob andrews who kept this clear and made it understandable for every single person in this country. thank you, congressman. let's put aside all the numbers and fuzzy terminology and let's talk about what this bill really means to average americans. madam speaker, i'll never forget 40 years ago waking up in the middle of the night with a start night after night after night because i did not have health insurance for my three small children and it was not anything that had to do with anything that we had caused. i would wonder what would happen, what if my children got il
well over and beyond what we're doing now? how does that match up with president obama and the rest of our responsibility for our economy not to go broke or another recession or what have you while we're trying to solve this problem? and these have to be considered simultaneously. let's say for the sake of argument, the 40,000 mccrystal makes a good piece for. then i suspect that we should give him that opportunity. he is the leader on situations. he's one of the best that i've ever seen come along along with general pa trace -- patreas. we're very fortunate. if this government cannot figure out the leadership, then that is grim. but there is a degree of optimism on their part that we can make a difference and move toward the stability. >> and we're short on time, but the final question. >> and i was wondering, when we talked about is the 44,000 really a possibility, can you just reflect on the level of strain on the armed forces and how long you think that such a an effort could be sustained even if they do invite more troops in. you say we are not in there for the 10 or 15-year na
for the efforts? >> barack obama was elected using social media, and it brought a lot of attention to this field. it is way more than federal officials using social media or agencies developing competing strategies. it is about a new way of thinking how we bring services to citizens. that is the heart of what we're trying to accomplish. >> as far as the ability for government to use these platforms to the average person? >> is not just the ability for government to get information out, it is about the citizens and get information out. government getting information out sounds like it is a 1-way flow. what i am really trying to encourage here is thinking about innovation. a really good analogy is what is happening with the eye fell on -- iphone. there was a lot of government procurement. they figure out what they're going to offer on the platform, and that is the phone. they put together this really interesting suite of applications. there are an enormous -- there is an enormous out welling of creativity. the federal interstate highway system did not tell us what to put at the end of the highways
with two girls ages 16 and 17. what do these stories have in common? is president obama's nomination for the seventh quarter of appeals. the question for our confirmation always is, i think, whether their personal political illogical views will overcome their commitment to the law. political ideological views will overcome their commitment to the law. he worked for acorn, was the primary litigator for the indiana aclu. he has argued that judges need to empathize with the parties to better understand the effects of their ruling. why did i mention hamilton? because judge hamilton was present obama's symbolic first big as it was president obama's symbolic first pick to the federal bench. i make these points to illustrate how much has changed since your last meeting. elections have consequences. today, we find ourselves, i think, at a little crossroads. we are in a struggle tand whethein whether it will remainn the current form. no matter what anybody says the president bush, it is indisputable that he nominated to the bench highly talented judges that were competent and faithful to the
" today. i am not sure i would categorize that as a pro-president obama newspaper. >> they have 10. >> does that count as one? >> what was the president's reaction to the more than 2000- page health care bill that so few members read been passed by only five votes and costing more than $1 trillion, and which many democrats voted no. >> we could not be more pleased. [laughter] [unintelligible] ] >> spotty at best. >> does consensus and common ground -- this consensus in common ground impede the original mandate to cover all americans? >> i think the president believes that. in order to get many of the reforms the president has discussed, covering all americans is among those. >> so the suspect -- as the white house received information from federal agents -- has the white house received information from federal agents that he was a conscientious objector? >> again, i would refer you to the fbi with specific questions. >> in the issue of terror -- just terror. the unlawful use of force or violence by a person or organized group, also panic, an overwhelming feeling of fear and excitin
is the president at the time will look back, despite what president obama has said about not looking back. we look back, because as a nation we want some precedent, we want to know what happened before. and if we don't make a record, if we don't determine to our best efforts what exactly happened, what transpired, what was right, what worked, what didn't work, then we will have missed this critically important opportunity on the part of our nation. finally, i would say, i think which legal office, who would be entrusted to set policy and to figure out the legal issues? daniel i would say the office of professional responsibilities is not equipped to do this job. that office looks at the ethical obligations of lawyers. the office of legal counsel has historically played the time-honored role of dealing with these very complex, thorny legal issues, and in most of history they have got their right. unfortunately during the bush administration, they miss the boat. but looking back through history, some of our most prestigious lawyers, finest lawyers have come from that office both democrats and republ
was moving ahead more or less when we received the executive order from president obama, which is at tab 3 of our condensed book. this was signed just a couple days after president obama's nothing else. -- inauguration. there's a number of things in this order to note. firstly, if you look at page 5, and that's referring to our own numbering in the top corner of all these pages, you'll see president obama ordered that guantanamo shall be closed by one year from the date of this order, which would be january 22nd, 2010. and the remainder of this executive order essentially initiates a review process to review all of the detainees in guantanamo including mr. khadr to decide what is going to be done with each and every one you have them essentially. options include a prosecution in the federal courts in the united states or a continued military commission prosecution or release or repatriation, various other options. if you look at section 5, which is on page 7, you'll note that part of this process involves diplomatic efforts that is negotiations with foreign countries to try to resettle man
about this bill, these injustices must stop. the time to act is now and in the words of president obama, we must have the urgency of now. h.r. 3962 helps uninsured americans immediately. it immediately creates an insurance program with financial assistance for those who are uninsured or who have been denied a policy because of pre-existing conditions. it also allows those who are unemployed to keep their cobra coverage until the exchange is operational. health insurance reform will mean greater stability and -- for all americans that means affordability for the middle class. security for our children. and responsibility to our children. it also will mean coverage for 96% of americans. according to c.b.o., the bill reduces the deficit by $30 billion over the first 10 years. in speeches, republicans describe this bill as the speaker's bill. they call it the pelosi bill. the bill does not belong to the speaker, though she's done a phenomenal job in helping us craft it. this bill belongs to the hardworking americans that have insurance but want a more transparent and stable health care mark
for information from family members, from the industry, and the media . president obama has committed to making his administration the most transparent in history. and while the ntsb is an independent agency, i believe our long history of open and visible investigation is consistent with president obama's commitment to transparent si. to that end, this year we have begun posting our accident dockets on our web site. susan has been instrumental in this effort. and i believe this will make all of your jobs much easier. currently, a plan is under way to put all of the nts fees from accidents from 1978 to 1995 on the web site. susan is going to be leading this endeavor for the agency. next i'd like to talk a little bit about ed. he's a professional engineer with gut level degrees in civil engineering. she spent 20 years working for various railroads before he came to the safety board. he's been with the board over 23 and has been involved with 50 major accidents, including several local accidents that had significance for the nation. in chase there was a commission between the amtrak train and a fr
knowledge that members of president obama's economic team are, in fact, considering the idea of including some kind of commission in their next budget submission. that would be important, if true, and that, i think, has a bearing on the timing -- on the timing at least to the proposal to establish a commission. and as for -- as for the question of when the vote should occur, i think that trying to time the establishment and the reporting of the commission so that nobody has to make a vote -- take a vote until after november of 2012 would not be the most responsible course of action. so if you're asking me, it seems to me that a reasonable timetable would be to establish the commission, give it, say a year to come up with the report and then have serious consideration of a plan in spring of 2011. that would be a considerable timetable. >> senator greg, you sort of made my argument much better than i did. i wasn't as clear as i meant to be. i think the benefit of the commission is that it does signal to markets and to creditors that we're very serious about this and then buys us a little bi
us the space to bring president obama's bill to this house so that we can pass it and we can change america. and i certainly want to thank speaker pelosi. without her leadership, her tenacity, her passion we would simply not be here today. we are about to make history. and the reason we are about to make history is because many of us have so much confidence in the very great things that america is capable of achieving. america has been challenged throughout its history to achieve great things. on behalf of americans, on behalf of the world community, we have risen to that challenge. but throughout that history, one challenge has eluded us, the challenge to come and to finally provide access to affordable health care for all of our citizens, for all americans, to provide them the kind of security that they would know with this legislation, to provide them the understanding that never again will they live in fear that they will be without health care. for whatever circumstance takes prays in their life. and for every member of the chamber on both sides of the aisle have encountered ou
.c. this is about speaking truth to power and president obama during his upcoming summit in china putting human rights and religious freedom issues squarely on the table instead of just agreeing to disagree. mr. speaker, at this time, i would like to yield such time as he may consume to the gentleman from california, my good friend, mr. lewis, the ranking member on the committee on appropriations. . mr. lewis: i appreciate the gentlelady yielding and i rise to express my appreciation to both she and mr. berman for working so hard on behalf of human rights around the country. i rise to express my grave concerns about the impact the democratic health care plan will have on businesses and jobs in this country, another human rights concern and i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. ms. ros-lehtinen: with that, mr. speaker, i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman reserves the balance of her time. the gentleman from california is recognized. mr. berman: mr. speaker, i'm very pleased to yield to a former member of our committee and the sponsor of th
with priorities consistent to the continuing goal of ending poverty. when president obama and announced from pittsburgh that the g20 would replace the g-8, singapore and prime minister called it a -- but the post world war ii had come to an end. and indeed i think that this transformation from g-8, from g7, g-8 and then g7 with the various plus is ultimately to g20 is a stark acknowledgment of a fundamental transformation that has taken place in the use of power and in the global decision-making process. it's certainly true that the rise of the so-called great countries, brazil, russia, india, and china represents a global economic shift. twenty years ago some of the president's most important local financial trip would have been to europe. today it is beijing. really the developing world needs a legitimate seat at the table so that all of us can better address shared challenges. we party begun this process through recognizing g20 as the premier economic coordinating forum. and it has made encouraging progress since. a year ago, at the height of the crisis, it convened for the first time at
johnson or the way mitch mcconnell invited president obama to do with him on social security and said to us, we'll do these four first and then we'll do these two and these three and this is the biggest problem facing our country. so i'm asking you, isn't a step by step approach a step in the right direction better than something that's doomed to fall of its own weight and mr. walker, you mentioned 60% support for this problem? it won't be 60% if we all go out there and everyone says it's medicare cuts and higher taxes. that will drop fast. so picking the steppious take and moving in the right direction. i wonder if that's a more likely way to get where we want to go. >> that's a lot, senator. first, we have a dysfunctional democracy. congress doesn't do in any area. thirdly, the historical way of doing things, of trust me, inside the beltway, andrews air force base commissions are over. they won't work any more. the level of trust and confidence in government has plummeted. it's not just the partisan battles, it's the ideological divides, the fact that too many people say we can't ra
president obama in office, we would not have been able to pass this legislation. his leadership, vision, and help in getting it passed was essential to our success. he said i believe that public option is the best way to keep insurance companies honest and to increase competition to lower costs. if you have a better idea, put it on the table. so we have been waiting for somebody to put something on the table. the month of august, you saw what they put on the table. we have not seen it yet, but it does not mean it is not there. we are interested and outcomes. how do we achieve this? we will fight strongly for a public option as we go in, but i do not ever say anything is non- negotiable. i would have a hard time passing a bill in the house that did not have a public option in it. >> you would have a hard time holding the progressive members. >> across the board, it was not a question of right or left. it was just a question of what worked better. the majority of dark blue dogs voted for this health care bill with the public auction in it. >> i wonder whether the growing number of wome' i
of afghanistan. international leaders, including president obama and secretary of state clinton are calling upon karzai to reform his government, clean up corruption and make us all proud of being his allies. well, mr. speaker, there's an old saying that fits this occasion, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. the karzai government is ineffective, incompetent and corrupt. he stole the elections. he has placed drug lords and war lords in key positions of power and influence. he has promoted graft and a flourishing drug trade throughout his country, all of which have zoid destroyed the confidence of the afghan people in their own government and contributed to the resurgence of the taliban. what in the world makes anyone believe that he will be a catalyst for change? if someone won an election by committing rampant fraud wouldn't he be likely to commit fraud again and again? why would he change a winning strategy? if someone picked war lords to take up key positions in his government, what makes you think he will now kick them out because the u.s. and gordon brown of great britai
. sure enough, and i take no pleasure in saying this, sure enough five months later after president obama signed this legislation the so-called credit card act into law, credit's tightened. consumers every day are facing notices in the mail that their credit rates are going up from 6% and 8% to 20-something percent. american express and others have said we are going to start charging $100 fees. so we see some consumers as a result of this legislation, these are so-called unintended consequences, we are seeing many facing cancellation of their credit cards. millions in fact. regrettably those wanting -- wangs have come true. small businesses which rely heavily on consumer credit are also feeling the credit crunch. that's the main creator of jobs in our country. small business. they need credit, but according to the national small business association, 79% of those small businesses surveyed just recently said that credit card lending standards have tightened dramatically in the last few months and that their credit lines are being decreased materially. the new credit card restrictions are e
an election in 2006 with the american people were fed up, an election in 2008 where president obama won. and basically a huge election, and he talked as a centerpiece of his campaign about health care reform. and here we are. the thing about it-dirnl' sure our districts aren't that much different. manufacturing, a lot of immigrants came over the last 100, 150 years to our states, and a lot of middle class people, and our people don't get on a bullhorn and scream about their problems that they have in their family. they have a lot of pride. but they just want to muscle through it, but they want an element of fairness in the system. so they'll, as i said, i don't know if you were here or not, they'll grab me at the restaurant and thank me for my vote or i hope it passes, pulls through, but they are not going to get on rush limbaugh and call in and talk about how their daughter is sick and the problems that they had and go on and on. but when i stood at the can fooled fair this weekend, going into a restaurant, getting my haircut, whatever the situation was, they would grab me and quietly
speaker, i hope that president obama will keep this in mind as he reviews his options on afghanistan and makes his decision in the coming weeks. america simply cannot afford to rely on our military's power alone because that strategy plays right into the hands of the extremists. our heavy military footprint is beating the insurgency -- is feeding the insurgentcy in afghanistan not weakening it. we can stop violent extremism in its tracks and we can keep our troops safer and build a more peaceful world for our children and our grandchildren. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. mr. moran of kansas. >> madam speaker. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from washington rise? >> i ask unanimous consent to claim mr. moran's time. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. >> without objection. >> madam speaker, the democrat health bill is not about lowering costs or making health care more affordable, it's about government control and higher spending. it's about a government takeover of our health care system. so it follows that it's
recently, president obama's administration has pursued two strategies to strengthen his control over the executive. first he has tried to insulate policy from legislative control. he has appointed twice as many czars in the romanovs. it helped to formulate the president's policies on everything from economic recovery to peace in the middle east. second, like his present answers president obama has taken to issuing signing statements. some of you recall that he said he would not do that. so, the signing statements -- statements have said that he is not bound to policies within an international organization or to abolish statutory formats for budget requests or to accept congressional limitations on the appointments were to condition american for dissipation in un peacekeeping missions upon the approval of the u.s. military leaders. predictably, czars have raised issues. this president, and president, that in the end is the reason alone for our best system of separation of powers. as madison put it, "the concentration of the several hours in the same department consists of giving to ea
situation. so now it's our task, the obama administration's challenge to take that deficit inherited that really destroyed an economy and now we have the opportunity to rebuild that economy but at the same time to respond in a way to the dynamics out there of energy reform, of environment, of strengthening the environment response, and at the same time developing jobs of all types from the trades on over to the ph.d.'s. i know you are in the middle of that battle. i know that you -- from your statements made in science and tech committee, your statements made on the floor no one can second-guess where your heart is and where your thinking is on this issue. mr. lujan: mr. tonko, as we get an opportunity to work on these issues together and move legislation and work with our colleagues to talk about what tomorrow will look like, but not waiting for a few years to come before we get a lot of this policy in place to create these jobs, to be smart about the way we do things, to invest in this technology, to really embrace this opportunity that we have now. as i travel around the district,
and michaele salahi take a picture with vice president biden. she shook hands with president obama. secret service failed protocol. never verified this couple was on the guest list. what about someone with bad intentions? we take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln. joining me, fred tiece, former prosecutor, kim serafin, senior editor, scott sternberg, reality tv show producer as we talk about the future of this couple, what it means to their reality show aspirations and angie goss, reporter for wusa. just got off the phone with the salahis. you know them. what can you tell us? >> not much. big surprise. the disclaimer is out there. i am friends with the salahis. we go to a lot of the same social engagements. one of the things they wanted to get across was the whole -- all the rumors about larry king and them canceling and shopping the interview around for six figures. they said absolutely not. we didn't cancel the interview. we postponed the interview. 9 news called king and confirmed that. mahogany their publicist said they postponed the interview and are not shopping the story around. i asked ab
murray is here, who is the program chair. and we're very pleased to sponsor it. president obama at the very beginning of his administration chose to keep the middle east, the highest priority. and set out the goal of comprehensive peace as the best way to move. this region, that has been in turmoil for decades, to a place of stability and hopefully liberalization in general. the israeli-palestinian struggle is at comprehensive peace. but also it is the israeli relationship to the u.s. hearing relationship, israeli relationship with lebanon, israeli relationship with all of the arab countries that have formally announced in arab initiative by which they agree to recognize israel if israel were to permit the creation of an independent palestinian state. so this is a key moment for the middle east. it is a very important moment for the united states. president obama appointed senator george mitchell to be his special envoy. they had their first set of objectives by israel and palestine as the two-state solution as the goal, and freeze as critical to the negotiations. as many of you
using the full range of authorities and capabilities available to us. just as president obama is using our military diplomatic, legal, law enforcement and moral force to make america safer and more secure, the attorney general is exercising his responsibilities in consultation with the secretary of defense to determine where and how best to seek justice against those who have attacked americans here at home and around the world. after nearly eight years of delay, may finally move -- be moving forward to bring to justice the perpetrators and murderers from the september 11 attacks. i have great confidence in our attorney general. the capability of our prosecutors, our judges, our juries and the american people. in this regard. i support the attorney general's decision to it pursue justice against khalid shaikh mohammed and four others accused of plotting the september 11 attacks and go after them in our federal courts in new york. they committed murder here in the united states and we'll seek justice here in the united states. they committed crimes of murder in our country, and we will
in the near term -- afghanistan and pakistan in the near term. but i think that president obama is particularly suited, and given his perspective, to deal with issues multilateral, given the good will that exist toward him in the international system, to mobilize and not lose that good will and that perspective -- to mobilize a multilateral effort to make the border issue between afghanistan and pakistan less a source of concern. and therefore, to remove the incentive based on fear that exists, the fear of it where- front war -- of a two-front war , to bring pakistan to a state where it can support politically the reconciliation process in afghanistan. the taliban and others who want to politically participate in afghanistan as it would be appropriate for pakistan's territory to be used for political activity, but for it to be used for military purposes, to of all that policy to a political role for these opposition forces, or not allow them to use pakistan territory otherwise. it would be a significant contribution. this issue has not received as much contention and that magnit
were wounded. president obama called the incident a horrific outburst of violence and he went on to say these are men and women who made the selfless and courageous decision to risk their lives in the service of our nation. the president went on to say it's horrifying that they should come under fire at an army base on american soil. i know that all of us are extraordinarily saddened and shocked by this incident. our hearts, our minds, our prayers go out to the families of all of those whose lives have been lost and our prayers for their wholeness and health go out to those who have been injured. and now, madam speaker, i yield to congressman carter in whose district fort hood is located. the speaker: the gentleman is recognized. mr. mccarthy: i thank the gentleman for yielding. madam speaker -- mr. carter: i thank the gentleman for yielding. we've had a tragedy in my district. i'm sad to report that the latest report i have received from fort hood, we have 12 american citizens -- or americans dead. 32 wounded. they have all been shipped to a hospital in temple and they are calling for
and that rate is continuing to rise as we speak and president obama came forward with a proposal on the stimulus package and that by the way was endorsed as you know by republican and democratic economists. there was no dispute exit on the extreme edges as to whether or not in this dire situation the federal government have to be the standard of last resort. again not anything any of us wanted to do. but something that was brought consensus position had to be done. had to be done so we did fight another day. not so that we -- not because we wanted to do it. and in the doing of this stimulus there was a commitment that was made by congress and i think share republicans and democrats with v
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